Commercial electric grills ECOGRILL COLORATO
models: EG 6C 800, EG 7C 800, EG 8C 800

Revolutionary barbecue baking system with integrated heaters

– The commercial electric grills ECOGRILL COLORATO are made of high quality stainless steel and their heaters are integrated inside each rod. This is the reason why they have high heating efficiency and they provide uniform cooking, in temperatures up to 320°C.
– They have elegant and functional appearance and they are easy to be installed, used and cleaned. Underneath their cooking surface, they are equipped with stainless steel drawers and by adding water inside them, the cooking becomes easier, faster and with the least fumes from cooking.


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ModelDimensionsDimensions of cooking surfacePowerQuantity of baked meatPower cordVoltage/ FrequencyWeight
(mm)(mm)P(kW)(kg/h)s(mm²)U(V) /ƒ(Hz)(kg)
EG 6C 800800x600x150770×3707.2125×2.5400V/3N/5022
EG 7C 800800x700x150770×4709155×2.5400V/3N/5026
EG 8C 800800x800x150770×57010.8185×2.5400V/3N/5030

Easy to use
The heating surface is suitable to different needs and requirements of users (from 250×370 to 1130×570 mm).
The heaters are integrated inside the stainless steel rods that provide maximum energy efficiency and uniform cooking. Inside the stainless steel rods are installed heaters with total power from 2.4 to 16.2 kW. The temperature in the heaters is being controlled by thermostat which can be set in temperatures from 50 to 320ºC. After reaching the desired temperature, the thermostat will automatically turn off the heaters and will turn them on again when the temperature falls down more than 5° C from the desired temperature. This results in a large saving of energy.
Underneath the stainless steels rods there is a stainless steel tank that is collecting the fat that is drained when cooking meat.

The commercial electric grills ECOGRILL COLORATO need only 5 minutes to reach the temperature of 200ºC. You can cook 6 kg of meat per hour at the model EG 6C 400 (with cooking surface 250×370 mm) and 27 kg of meat per hour at the model EG 8C 1200 (with cooking surface 1130×570).

Easy cleaning
Thanks to its special design, the commercial electric grills ECOGRILLS COLORATO are very easy and quick to clean. The grease, the oil and the food remains, that are drained during the cooking is collected at the stainless steel drawer tank, which is located underneath the grill.
After finish cooking, by using the 2 stainless steel cleaners that are being supplied to you along with the appliance, you clean the stainless steel rods from the top side as well as from the bottom side. After that you set the temperature of the grill at the 80°C and by using a wet sponge, you wipe the stainless steel rods and the grill is being cleaned easy and quickly, as you can see at the presentation at the video below.

Environmentally friendly
The 98% of the material that the commercial electric grills ECOGRILLS COLORATO are made from, can be recycled.
The integrated heaters inside the stainless steel rods provide the maximum energy efficiency for uniform cooking of meat, fish and vegetables. In addition, the use of the thermostat the energy loss is minimized.

The commercial electric grills ECOGRILL COLORATO are covered by warranty of good operation for 2 years and is a reliable and permanent solution, for cooking of meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.


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