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Welcome to Greece, to the birthplace of democracy, where the visitor is found at a crossroad of colours and cultures; where he feels the strength of History and the warmth of the southern extremity of Europe. Greece is a country with a uniquely rich history, whose people, however, do not rest on their laurels and are not stuck in the past. It is a country that, though statistically small, is huge in its diversity. The visitor can see landscapes that have generated thousands of postcard images but remain incredibly vivid and of unrivalled beauty. Greece is a country of beautiful contrasts, a constant journey in time, from the present to the past and back again.

Greece is a unique destination that combines business and pleasure in the best possible way! It is one of the most charismatic locations in terms of natural beauty, with mild climate conditions, a combination of landscapes from sea to mountains, and appropriate for vacation and business activities throughout the year!

Athens Today

Greek Parliament by Athens Convention Bureauathens4.jpgPanorama of Athens by Athens Convention Bureau

Athens is renowned all over the world for its history of millennia, for spreading art, culture, science and philosophy throughout, thus being the cradle of modern western civilization. Today, like 3000 years ago, Athens can claim its role of great cultural centre by hosting an increasing number of contemporary artists, researching new aesthetic trends, cherishing its past and at the same time ambitiously planning its future.

It is a dynamic city, rich in culture and technological innovations. The city presents a unique combination of the abundance of ancient history and the energy of the modern world, and offers an unforgettable Mediterranean experience to all its visitors. The ideal climate, the great hospitality, the rich transportation network, the unique combination between business and pleasure, the fully renovated meeting infrastructure, as well as the great variety of cultural and entertainment options can be a few of the city’s advantages.

Since the 2004 Olympic Games, Athens offers new infrastructures, including a new airport and a new underground system, and new museums. Modern Athens is continuously evolving: it is able to recognize the merits of its past but can also look ahead and renew itself, keeping young and lively.

Athens has a proud tradition of hosting great events.

Please visit the Athens tourism web site to learn more about Athens

Getting to Athens

The airport is located 33 km southeast of Athens and is easily accessible via Attiki Odos, a six-lane motorway (the Athens City Ring Road). Public transportation to Athens and the Port of Piraeus is provided by express airport bus connections on a 24-hour basis, while a direct Metro line connects the airport with the city centre (Syntagma square) in 27 minutes. The Megaron; Athens International Conference Centre, is also connected via the blue line and it is located next to the Megaron Mousikis metro station. In addition, regular motor coach schedules link Athens with the southeastern European states and the Balkans, while daily ferry services link the port of Patras (2 hours drive from Athens) with Italy. A taxi ride from the airport to the city centre has an average cost of €35. Duration approximately 40 minutes.

Weather Information

The average temperature in May/June varies from 14 to 30 degrees (Celsius).

Visa info

Greece follows the Schengen Agreement provision and the subsequent acquis concerning short term visa issues stays of up to three (3) months in the Schengen area. The citizens of these countries are not subjected to border controls within the common area (airlines or other carriers require identification – I.D. card or passport of any other piece of identification issued by a public authority). Citizens of the EU countries do not need a visa to enter Greece (and the Shcengen area). They only have to produce a passport or an I.D. card at the border. For holders of regular passports of the following countries who wish to visit Greece (and the Schengen area) and stay up to 3 months (90 days) within a six (6) month period, no visa is required:

Andorra Canada Israel Panama
Argentina Chile Japan Paraguay
Australia Costa Rica Malaysia Romania
Bolivia Croatia Mexico San Marino
Brazil El Salvador Monaco Singapore
Brunei Darussalam Guatemala New Zealand South Korea
Bulgaria Honduras Nicaragua  

Holders of regular passports from the rest of the world need a visa in order to enter Greece (and the Schengen area).


The native language of the population is Modern Greek. English is widely spoken as a second language by the majority of Greeks, while French and German is also spoken by many.


Greece is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time and an hour ahead of Central European Time. The clock is advanced one hour during summer (from the end of March to the end of October).


Emergency treatment is free to all – natives and visitors alike – in public hospitals. There are more doctors per person in Greece than in most other counties in the European Union.


Greece is a full member of the European Union since 1981, and its currency is the Euro (€). All major credit cards are widely accepted in Greece.


The Athens public transportation network offers you a wide variety of routes, combining many different means, namely the metro, railway, buses, trolleybuses and trams. With a 1,40€ ticket you can move around using one or more means of transport for 1h and 30m. You can buy tickets from all metro and train stations as well as from the kiosks on the streets. Alternatively, you can inquire about day or weekly passes that offer transport at a discounted rate.


All licensed taxis are equipped with meters (the fare is charged per km and per hour) and display a card detailing the latest valid tariffs and surcharges. In certain tourist areas you may be asked to pay a predetermined (standard) amount for a ride to a specific destination; an average rate from/to the airport to the city centre is €35.

Liability and Insurance

The Organizers cannot be held responsible for any claim concerning liability, personal damage, lost, theft, illness etc.  We recommend participants to cover these risks by a respective insurance.