The Conference encompasses relevant topics for improving quality. Areas covered by the Conference are following:

I. Quality management

Presentations of developments and good practices on quality management related to the following topics:  

  • Models for quality management and their implementation, quality certification
  • The European Statistics Code of Practice: implementation aspects, quality assurance frameworks, compliance websites, labelling, initiatives in the framework of Commission Communication 211, coordination activities of NSIs
  • Measuring quality: quality reporting, measuring accuracy in complex surveys, non response, control surveys, error reporting
  • Process quality: process variables, process indicators, process documentation and process metadata, quality tools, monitoring systems
  • Quality assessment: self-assessments, internal and external auditing, peer reviews
  • Standardisation tools: current best methods, guidelines, standards, recommended practices
  • Communicating quality to users: users' quality reports, quality declarations and documentation, new ICT
  • Satisfying user needs: collecting user needs, measuring user satisfaction
  •  Human resources: education in statistics, networks of education facilities, training

II. Improving quality by the Re-engineering of statistical systems

The re-engineering of statistical systems aims to produce more statistics in a more efficient way and brings a wide range of new challenges to improve quality. The elements below encompass broad areas in which process and output quality could be improved:    

  • Enterprise architecture
  • Process integration and standardisation
  • Metadata systems and other infrastructure elements
  • The role of administrative data and administrative registers in re-engineering statistical systems
  • Quality assessment in integrated production models
  • New, experimental and model based statistics and quality standards
  • The role of self-regulation and legislative frameworks

III. Innovations In the area of Quality

New methodological developments leading to quality improvements, as well as quality assessments of non-traditional data sources used for the statistical production are targeted below:

  • Total survey design, responsive design
  • Mode and non response effects and their treatment
  • Total survey errors and bias correction
  • Combining data sources and integrating data
  • Quality assessment of new data sources (internet, use of private data)
  • Measuring cost efficiency and response burden in statistical surveys
  • Small area estimation techniques